4 Reasons to Have Winter Wiper Blades Installed

The colder weather is upon us and now is the time to be preparing your vehicle so it can easily handle the icy road conditions in Kenosha, WI. Here are four reasons you should have winter wiper blades installed on your car at Anastos Motors today:

  1. The winter blades are encased in a thick rubber shell to stop ice buildup from being able to interfere with the metal framework that flexes the blades and allows them to hug the windshield.
  2. Winter wiper blades are made of a more durable rubber that will not tear easily.
  3. Even in heavy snow, the extra load on the winter blades will not cause them the bend and become unusable.
  4. The winter blades do not become stiff like your old blades and leave behind streaks.

At Anastos Motors, our team will measure your blades and install a set of new winter wipers in no time at all today.

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