The Importance of Tire Rotations and How to Tell if It Is Time For One to Be Done

There is no question there are a lot of benefits to rotating your tires. This practice can even out the wear and help your tires to last longer. It also can help improve your suspension, and in some cases, it can help extend the life of your warranty from your tire company. Of course, it can be hard to determine when to rotate your tires, so here are some signs:
Uneven tire wear.

The most obvious sign is that your tires are not wearing out evenly. It is important to check for "feathering," which is a type of wear showing the tire has rounded edges on one part of the tread and sharp edges on the other.

Drastically different measurements.

This pretty much speaks for itself. If your tires are showing vastly different measurements, it is time to have them rotated.

Steering wheel vibrations.

If your steering wheel is vibrating, this can also be another sign. It is time to strongly consider having your tires rotated if any of these signs are present. The folks at Anastos Motors are knowledgeable professionals that can answer all of your question about tire rotation and help you schedule an appointment for a tire rotation if it is needed!
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