Great Car Hacks that are Simple to Do

Being creative with your car can save money and space. These easy to do car hacks may solve some of the issues you've run into while driving. Increase your driving satisfaction by using these tips:

  1. Having trouble removing your registration sticker? Use a warm, wet newspaper. Just place it over the sticker and wait 10 minutes. It should easily wipe away.
  2. Easily add keys to your key ring by using a staple remover. Put the teeth of the staple remover between the rings then press down. It easily separates without hurting your fingers.
  3. Use nail polish to fix small scratches on your car. Try to get it as close to your car's paint color as possible.
  4. Use a plastic cereal container as a trashcan. You finally have something to throw those receipts and food wrapper in.
  5. Use a bathroom plunger to remove small dents. The suction from the plunger will pull the dent back into place.
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