Ignition Problems and What They Mean for Your Vehicle

If your ignition is failing, you probably have experienced your car stalling suddenly or perhaps it never even starts to begin with. Ignition problems occur due to manufacturer defects, worn out keys, or faulty lines with the fuel system. It could also be caused by another issue with the battery or starter. Here are some ways to tell:

If lights turn on but the engine doesn't turn over, it's likely a starter problem. Failing starters won't be able to kick power to the engine. If your lights flicker and you hear the engine turn or nothing happens after a moment, your battery might be dying and can't get enough juice to send to the alternator.

If you can feel the ignition switch not turning or you're not able to turn the key at all, then you could have a jammed ignition. A professional can help with this issue at Anastos Motors in Kenosha, WI. Just ask for a diagnostic check and find replacement ignition system parts for your vehicle at our parts center.

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