Crossflow vs. Downflow Radiators

Radiators come in many basic designs, and two of the more popular ones include crossflow and downflow radiators. Their names refer to the way that they function in terms of coolant flow.

Crossflow radiators have cores with piping that run horizontally through the core. These radiators also have coolant collection tanks on each side of the core. As the hot coolant enters the crossflow radiator, the tanks route the fluid horizontally through the piping.

Downflow radiators include cores with pipes running vertically. Downflow designs have tanks at the tops and the bottoms of the cores, and the fluid that collects in the top tank is forced downwards by gravity and the water pump.

Both types of radiator designs have their benefits, and both types need occasional inspections, replacements, or upgrades. At our auto parts shop in Kenosha, we have a team of skilled and experienced heating and cooling system technicians ready to do what it takes to get your cooling system up and running. For a quick, no-obligation consultation, stop by Anastos Motors today or give us a call.

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