Car Guide: Maintaining Your Brake Pads

Do you know how your brakes work or what kind of brake system you have? Most cars have a disc brake system that uses metallic brake pads to avoid melting. When you apply pressure to the brake, the brake pads apply pressure to the rotors which slows down the vehicle. Over time, your brake pads can wear down until they need to be replaced. Car owners should have their brake pads checked regularly to avoid dangerous situations.

You may notice some sounds coming from your brakes when you press down on the brake pedal. A screeching or squealing sound indicates that your brake pads probably need to be replaced. If you notice any pulling or bumping feeling when you press down, it could be an issue with your rotors. Brake systems require maintenance just like any other system on your car.

You should get your brakes checked if you notice any sounds coming from your brakes when you apply pressure. Check out the services at Anastos Motors for great brake service rates.



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