Inspect Your Wiper Blades Randomly to Keep a Clear View

When your windshield wiper blades are properly maintained, you’re actually improving your safety on the road. Wiper blades have an essential role while you're driving in Kenosha, Wisconsin, and it’s not just during a rainstorm. Your wiper blades need to be operational at all times because of road debris, bugs, dirt, and grime that will usually decrease the windshield visibility. The ability to have a clear view is essential to your safety and all other drivers around you!

Whether it’s day or night, wiper blades help with increasing your visibility, especially during inclement weather conditions. Anastos Motors recommends that you visually inspect your wiper blades on a random basis. Be sure to look for cracks or tears in the rubber lining. If you identify any flaws, don’t hesitate to have them immediately replaced!

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