An Exhaust Leak Provides You With Sound Cues

If you’ve ever had a bad exhaust system, then you already know that your car can sound like a freight train as you’re driving through Kenosha, WI. In order to know if your exhaust is leaking and might be in need of service before this occurs, you have to listen closely to catch it early. In most cases, you will hear a faint "hissing" sound, which can be anywhere within the exhaust system. This sound is an indicator of either a hole in the exhaust pipe or a loose connection in the exhaust system.

Another sound, yet at a higher pitch, can be heard towards the end of the tailpipe due to a restriction in the exhaust system. Generally, either of these sounds can be heard directly from the driver’s seat with an open window or door.

If you hear any of these sounds or want a routine exhaust check, contact Anastos Motors for an appointment!

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