How to Change Your Tire

No matter how well you maintain your tires, there may be occasion for one of your tires to become flat. Everyone should have the correct tire tools in the car and should know how to use them. The Anastos Motors service team can help.

You will need a lug wrench, a jack and a spare tire. To practice, first park the car on a level surface. Loosen the lug nuts slightly, then position the jack under the car. Jack the vehicle up until you can take the tire off the wheel. Remove the lugs with the wrench, take off the wheel cover and then remove the tire.

Place the spare tire on the wheel well and add the lug nuts, tightening the nuts by hand, and then a little more with the wrench. Lower the vehicle, remove the jack and finish tightening the nuts.

If you need any tire tools or a better spare tire, or if you need to replace the tire, bring your vehicle in to our Kenosha parts and service department. We will gladly provide you with all the items you may need.