Spring Car Care for Kenosha Drivers

With the warmer temperatures starting to creep in, now is a good time to assess your vehicle and see what kind of maintenance and repairs it may need. It probably is in need of a good cleanup after all of that nasty winter weather, but some minor repairs may be needed as well. Here are some things you can take a look at when it comes to vehicle maintenance this spring:

Your tires have been driving on icy roads, through salt and slush. Take a good look at the tread and see if it is starting to run low on all four tires. If so, you may be in need of a new set soon. If there is uneven wear going on, this can indicate another issue.

Change your windshield wiper blades. Get rid of the winter brand and use something designed for rain. Bring your vehicle in to our automotive service specialists to get a multi-point inspection.

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