Why Are Summer Tires Better Than All-Season Tires?

Our tire crew here at Anastos Motors want to share information about why summer tires are preferred as the warmer weather nears. In addition to improved handling and better grip on the road, summer tires also help your vehicle to stop in a shorter distance.

The unique tread pattern designs of the summer tires actually serves two purposes during the warmer months. First, the design helps with handling as the roads and tires get heated. Second, water is pushed away from the center of the car tires so your vehicle is not as likely to hydroplane when it is raining. The all-season tires have more grooves, but you want less on the summer tires. The fewer the grooves, the more tread contacts the surface of the road to aid with handling.

We are fully stocked here at Anastos Motors with summer tires if you would like us to replace your all-season tires today.

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