Back-to-School Auto Service

The fall season marks a return to school and the end of the summer season. It is an ideal time to review vehicle maintenance. The back-to-school period places more demands on family vehicles, and owners should make sure that they have proper oil, brake fluid, and coolant levels. For owners sending kids off to college, they should prepare for the colder seasons with scrapers, washer fluid, and battery jumper cables.

Drivers should look at the dash and identify any warning lights such as low tire pressure or oil changes. You should resolve those issues immediately. Check the owner's manual and note the manufacturer's recommendations for service including oil changes, fluids, brakes, and tires.

At Anastos Motors, we offer helpful seasonal vehicle care tips. We provide routine vehicle maintenance that meets the manufacturer's recommendations. We offer safety inspections and complete checkups of all vehicle systems. Please call for an appointment or stop by our location today.



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