Signs That Could Indicate Trouble

If you get in your car and discover that the key won't turn in the ignition, then it's likely that the ignition needs to be replaced. Another common sign that this important part of your car needs to be serviced or replaces is if your key turns but your car won't start. You'll usually hear a whirring sound or a repeated clicking sound.

While driving in Kenosha, WI, your vehicle might shut off if your ignition isn't working properly. This is often because the key won't stay in place in the ignition or the ignition isn't communicating correctly with the motor of the car.

A sign that you might not relate to your ignition is a burning smell. You could also notice smoke coming from underneath the hood of your car. This usually happens when the ignition is completely burned out and is overheating other components of your car. Anastos Motors can test your ignition and other parts of your car to make sure this is the part that has failed.

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