Dog-Friendly Vehicles: Things to Consider for Your Pet

We enjoy showing our pet-friendly vehicles at Anastos Motors. Certain vehicles make trips for a summer activity or a commute with four-legged companions easier. These vehicles are usually lower to the ground and have accessories that owners enjoy just as much as the dogs.

A big problem with pets riding in a vehicle is how hot they get. Separate vents are ideal in the front and back of the car, so adjusting the temperature for your pet is easier. Sun shades keep direct sunlight from hitting your pet and making them hotter. Dogs can also be placed in the back area of a hatchback or on a comfortable seat that fits them well.

All-weather floor mats are a must for trekking around with a pet. You will save time cleaning and won't need to steam clean every time you go to the beach. Seat covers for pets also keep your car cleaner. A ramp for bigger dogs is a life saver for quick trips to the dog park!



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