Keep Your Car Smelling Fresh

Everybody loves that new car smell. Unfortunately, it can quickly dissipate as new, unwanted odors take over. We here at Anastos Motors want you to be an informed vehicle owner and have the knowledge to keep your car in good condition, so here are some odor-fighting tips you need to know.

First, you should always remove trash from the car. Pick up any food wrappers and paper trash. You can keep a small trash bag in your car to ensure that everyday garbage doesn't spread. By eliminating trash, you're reducing the risk of bugs and odors invading your space.

In the event that you spill a drink or other liquid, you should clean it up as soon as possible. Pull over and soak up the liquid to prevent it from penetrating deep into the fibers of your seats or floors. When you get the chance, you should apply a shampoo and vacuum up the mess to remove it for good.



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