Get Instant Trade In Value For Your Car, Truck, Van or SUV in Kenosha, WI

Looking to Save Some Money on Your Next Car? Trade-in Your Last Vehicle for Money Off Your New Vehicle

If you're like most folks in the Mount Pleasant area, you already have an older vehicle that you would like to ditch for an upgrade. When you're shopping around for your next car, you might be thinking that you can just sell the old one yourself. While that is an option, you may want to consider trading in your last vehicle when you buy a new car at Anastos Motors to save some cash.

Let's run through what it may look like to sell your car to a private party. You will likely start by advertising it on some website for the Gurnee area. Then, you slowly wait for people to take an interest, probably messaging back and forth, until someone arrives to take a look.

If they don't walk away, then they will probably proceed to haggle with you to drive the price down, not even knowing the value of your vehicle. It's possible that at the end of all this, you walk away with less money than you hoped for and with a whole lot of time sunk into finding a buyer.

At Anastos Motors, we take all the hassle out of getting rid of your last vehicle and making some money. Not only is the process quick, but there isn't any bartering to add stress. With the Kelley Blue Book Instant Trade-in Value tool, you can find out the value of your trade-in vehicle by providing some basic information, and we will honor that trade-in value, and have it go towards your next car.

So, trading in your vehicle is quick, cost-effective, and stress-free. What else? It also can save you money by avoiding a sales tax. If you sell to a private party, you could be paying as much as 10% on the sales tax.

When you trade in, we will subtract the trade-in value from the sales price of the car you are buying. Which means, Racine drivers only pay sales tax on the balance and not on the entire sticker price amount of the newer car.

Fill out the information for the trade-in tool to discover how much could go towards your next car with us!